Compliance with the host country's corporate regulations is a legal necessity for all companies. This includes how the company is set up, who its beneficiaries are and all agreements and documentation that occur during the course of operation.

Legal and financial service providers in the Netherlands and Luxembourg require companies to produce documentation confirming compliance at various levels in order to do business with them. Compliance is thereby a pre-requisite for a broad range of services, from opening a bank account to engaging solicitors.

What we do
We can check that your company satisfies all relevant laws and regulations to operate as a Dutch or Luxembourg entity. We can also manage all application processes which require proof of compliance. The necessary checks we carry out include making sure your holding structure is satisfactory, your funding sources are considered legitimate and that all your corporate documents are in good order, complete with full supporting documentation for all transfers, agreements and resolutions. We also check your beneficiaries' backgrounds and your company's relationships with associates, counterparties and clients to ensure there are no contra-indications such as presence on sanction lists etc. If any irregularities are discovered, we alert you immediately.

We compile all this information into a dossier from which relevant documentation can be produced as necessary for legal and financial service providers, supervisory bodies and tax authorities. This facilitates swift and smooth dealings, as once we have performed all the necessary checks we are able to satisfy all requirements as and when they occur. In doing this, ETM safeguards your confidentiality by only sharing information and documentation upon your expressed approval for each individual request.

Our expertise
ETM has fully-qualified compliance officers working closely alongside our company lawyers, who are also trained to perform compliance work. Our team provides all the essential compliance expertise necessary for corporate and private entities registered in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

ETM is member of Holland Quaestor (, the association of Corporate Services Providers, whose code of conduct requires members to fulfil a number of standard-setting criteria with regard to regular training and quality assurance. With regulations continually being revised and tightened, we are pleased to provide fully up-to-date knowledge which ensures our clients remain compliant with local law at all times.