Every company registered in the Netherlands and Luxembourg is legally obliged to submit annual financial statements to the authorities. Preparing these correctly requires thorough knowledge and experience of local laws.

What we do
ETM provides complete bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting services to IFRS (international) and also local generally accepted accounting principles for the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our general bookkeeping service ensures your day-to-day records are always up to date.

Our accounting services can include preparation of annual and quarterly accounts, along with stand-alone or consolidated financial statements that comply with requirements of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. While quarterly accounts are not legally required, many companies choose to have these drafted for internal purposes.

We can also assist with preparation and coordination of financial audits. For your convenience, reports can be presented according to your own templates.

Our expertise
ETM has a wealth of experience with local accounting standards and communications with the relevant authorities. Our certified accountants, together with their highly educated accounting support team, work closely with clients to deliver a comprehensively accurate service, maintaining the highest standards and ensuring deadlines are always met.