All companies registered in the Netherlands and Luxembourg must have at least one director. Luxembourg corporate law requires that at least one company director is resident in Luxembourg. Dutch corporate law doesn't require company directors to reside in the Netherlands but it's highly advantageous if they are.

As this contributes to substance and effective management and control. It's also beneficial to have professional directors who are already familiar with the system.

What we do
To meet the stringent checks of integrity demanded by the financial sector, ETM provides directors that maintain the required approval from the relevant authorities.
We can provide you with suitably experienced and knowledgeable directors, who are resident in either the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

Our expertise
The company directors we have available offer essential management expertise alongside extensive directorship experience up to multi-national level. Their legal and accountancy backgrounds contribute highly beneficial knowledge to your company. ETM's directors are easily contactable so you benefit from a reassuring close relationship availability and carry out other urgent tasks as and when necessary.