Employment & HR

As an employer in a foreign jurisdiction you need to tread carefully because HR and employment are subject to multiple rules and regulations. And those most likely differ from those you are used to in your home jurisdiction.

It is important to consider what employment agreements you want or need. Only a few examples of the important issues to consider:

  • Do you consider temporary employment agreements for fixed term versus indefinite terms agreement?
  • What are the benefits and burdens when a fixed term becomes indefinite term employment?
  • How do you conduct periodical evaluation conversations with employees?
  • What are the most important issues to attend to in an employment agreement?
  • What are the rules for the termination of an employment agreement?
  • Do you need limitation on competition clauses in employment agreements?

It is advisable to consider a lot of issues before hand. We make a good sparring partner, offering you all necessary knowledge.

What we do
Our team of qualified company lawyers and accountants will assist you in understanding the issues at hand and assist you in a proactive way to avoid possible pitfalls.

Our expertise
ETM has the knowledge and experience required to guide you through those issues and assist you in making the right choices.